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PCF takes pride in their employees, they treat them with respect. I have been working with Brittany for approximately four months now and she has never treated me as a new staff but rather guided me through.

Working with Brittany, I have gain professional knowledge that an inexperienced would not gain.

Brittany is exceptional not just as an employer, but very easy going and friendly, always ready to assist at any time. I have never thought that I would work with an employer who never suppress her employees and treat them as just a number.

Brittany motivates me with her selfless sacrifice to her work and commitment to her employees.

You are the best.

Nancy Balley


They are always willing to go above and beyond to ensure that I’m fully staffed.

W. M

General Manager

PCF always assisted me instantly with close follow-ups. The intimate communications and assistance was the most needed quality that I’ve been searching for partners. PCF considered individuals’ matters as theirs, and it let me build trust with PCF. I’m glad I’ve worked with the considerate professionals. I know PCF puts a lot of efforts on individuals, and I will be happy to connect good people with PCF.

Eujin. J

Graphic Designer

I have registered with a lot of agencies throughout the years but none of them have sent me out to work due to my disability. I recently registered with PCF and they were able to put me out to work immediately even though they are aware of my disability. PCF HR Solutions is the only agency that did not discriminate and is willing to help everyone find a job. Thank you PCF.  

Kenneth Rowe


I have known Brittany for 10 years and she continues to amaze me with all the dedication and hard work she puts into her career and daily activities.

Brittany’s leadership and mentorship has taught me a lot. She is a motivator and a leader for us in the professional services. She has mentored and guided me throughout the years something that can never be replaced.

I appreciate everything that she has done and because of her, I have a full-time job now.

Genny Newton


PCF HR Solutions has helped me get my first full-time job in Canada after four months of working on one of their assignments. They truly live up to their slogan “People Come First”. Thank you PCF for all you have done. 

David Forrester


PCF has continuously provided excellent services for the past two years. They work with a sense of urgency and always ensure that I get the best candidates. We have hired several candidates over the past two years that worked in our facility. I would recommend PCF to any employer that’s looking for staffing solutions.


Plant Manager

I was having challenges finding suitable Forklift Operators until I tried PCF. They proved testing to ensure I received candidates that are suitable for the job.


Warehouse Manager

The staff at PCF HR Solutions have worked close with my team to ensure that we are fully staffed with suitable temporary employees. The manager at PCF always visits our plant to do quality checks and to see if we require any further assistance. More importantly, they actually managed their temporary employees so we can focus on production and delivering.



I was referred to a company by a relative that currently works there. He informed me that there’s great opportunity and there’s potential to be hired on, but I must register with PCF. Unfortunately, I was unable to go in to register because I had a full-time job and I lived about a 2-hour bus ride from the agency.

PCF was nice enough to offer to meet with me after work to complete the registration. I met with a gentleman at Tim Hortons close to my home. He went through the entire registration and training with me and bought me coffee just to make sure that I was comfortable. I’m currently still working at the same place through PCF and I’m happy with the decision to switch and take on this new opportunity. I was very impressed that they went above and beyond for me. The team at PCF really stand by their name  – People Come First.

Carl Dela Cruz


I registered with PCF HR Solutions in the beginning of 2018 for general labour. They reviewed my resume and informed me that they have a position that would be more suitable for me. The position was a Shipping Clerk role with knowledge on inventory systems. I truly enjoy my new position and I’m grateful for the opportunity.

Daniel Ortez


Their motto is people come first and they truly live up to it.


HR Manager

I’ve worked with the management team for several years and I’ve never been disappointed.


Director of Operations


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